Detroit, Michigan

About Us


We’re developing our foundation to both develop and support “moonshot” advancements and local initiatives.  We promote our initiatives by using Technology and Grassroots.  You’ll find us working with the latest web-based tools as well volunteering at your local BBQ or Fish-fry.  We also bring People and Financial Resources to the world’s critical infrastructure challenges:

  • Affordable housing
  • Clean water
  • Education
  • Innovative power generation and distribution
  • Nutritional food
  • Safe sanitation


How We Work

Our foundation awards grants to a variety of not-for-profit and tax-exempt organization identified by our us.


Next Steps for our Foundation

  • Begin special event fund-raising through Null Paradox tours, book sales, music sales, and merchandise sales.
  • Refine Mission based on:
  • File 501(c)(3) not-for-profit documents
  • Crowd source fund-raising for our operation costs.  This will ensure that 100% of funds raised through our special event goes directly to the organizations who we work with.  In other words:  100% of your money goes to help people in need.